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Skypet Domestic Travel

  • Our Australia-wide pet transport service takes care of all the travel arrangements for your pet to any destination, Australia wide.

  • Our fully air conditioned pet taxi's are fitted out for your pet's safety and comfort.

  • Our pet crates are all approved by the airlines and designed to help your pet be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

  • We can advise you on how to prepare your pet for the flight and also how to help your pet settle in upon arrival.

  • Need boarding between collection and delivery? Skypet has its own 5 Star Boarding Facility - Adelar Animal Centre. Click here to go to Adelar Animal Centre website, to find out more about this.
We use the services of the following airlines:

  • Qantas Airlines

  • Virgin Blue Airlines

Qantas - Domestic Flights for Pets

Phone: (+61 02) 9606 5522  or  1300 799 738    Fax: (+61 02) 9606 5197    Email: