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The Mobile Kennel (or crate) used to export your pet must comply with the guidelines set down by the IATA. We hire and sell a wide variety of Mobile Pet Kennels for all shapes and sizes.

All international travel crates are fitted with a water bowl including a funnel for safe re-filling of water throughout your pet's transport process.

All crates comply with the guidelines set down by IATA. Your pet will have room to move, the crates provide enough room to enable your pet to stand, lie down and turn around in the crate easily - this ensures your pet's comfort, particulary on a long journey.

We will need your pet's measurements to correctly assess the crate size he will need. Measure from the top of his head to the floor, and then from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail.

It is very important that your pet has plenty of room to move, particularly on a long journey. He must be able to stand, lie down and turn around in the crate easily, but must not have so much room that he can injure himself.

Let us know your pet's measurements and we will provide you with the correct sized crate. To get an idea of the correct size crate needed for your animal, go to Pet Kennel Measurements.

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