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We have recently extended our Cattery to include a paved area complete with a lovely garden, trees to have lots of fun on, scratching posts, hammocks, sun deck chairs and soft classical music.

Pet Scams

Pet Scams are increasing every day. The scammers are becoming increasingly savvy at relieving the general public of money for non-existent pets.

Most scams begin with an advertisement on a puppy or kitten website and are usually accompanied by very cute photos. Once you respond they will usually come back to you via email saying that they need to ship the puppy/kitten to you and as soon as you pay the shipping costs the puppy will be delivered. They will usually ask for payment via Western Union or MoneyGram.

They will have excuses why they canít accept payment any other way. As soon as you pay some money they will then come back to you with additional costs, such as insurance, a bigger crate, a health inspection or any number of other reasons. They often tell you that the puppy is stuck at the Airport, waiting for you to pay the extra funds. They will often give you names (or variations of names) of legitimate pet shipping companies who will be delivering your new puppy. They will cut and paste parts of legitimate company websites.

How to avoid being scammed

  • Always insist that the seller enter into a formal contract
  • Always insist that the seller gives you a phone number. Then, call that number.
  • Check references. If the seller tells you that a particular company will be shipping your pet, use google to search the company and CALL them, BEFORE parting with any money.
  • Ask the scammer for a phone contact. They will often have a reason that you can’t contact them or give you a phone number that originates in Cameroon or another foreign country. Ask for a street address.
  • Examine their web site. They will often have different fonts, colours, misspelling and bad grammar. Their email address will often be one of the free emails addresses … @gmail  … @yahoo etc.
  • Go to Ipata List of Pet Scammers They have very comprehensive information on their web site that may help you identify if you are being scammed.

What to do if you have been scammed

Report the scam online to or call 1300 795 995 during Australian business hours.

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