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Skypet Animal Transport Services

Skypet provides a complete door to door pet relocation service. The business is committed to providing high quality care for family pets and attention to detail at every stage of the relocation process, from the initial courtesy call to the client to the final delivery of the pet to their new home.


Skypet’s directors, Peter and Sue Farrelly Rogers, have been providing relocation services for 25 years. During this time they have been committed to efficient, reliable handling of all processes and procedures involved during the handling process while ensuring maximum pet safety and comfort. Providing timely accurate information to the client throughout the process has been a major contributor to maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.

Peter Farrelly Rogers was the first Australasian Director (2000-2004) of IPATA. Peter has been a champion for improving standards of care for pets, both during the transport process and in boarding kennels. He was on the NSW State Advisory Committee that provided the State Government with the White Paper used to draw up standards for safety and well being for animals being cared for in boarding kennels.


Both of the directors (Sue and Peter) of Skypet are involved in the business on a full time basis, maintaining the high standards that have made them successful. They and Skypet’s Kennel Manager live on the premises and guarantee 24/7 supervision for the pets in their care. In unusual circumstances, such as 2005 New Years Day 45 degree temperatures, this high level of supervision is vital.

Qualified Staff

Skypet employs staff with experience in animal care. Long term employees with many years' experience are able to observe and react to individual animal needs. Skypet encourages employees to respect and appreciate the individuality of all animals in their care. They are also trained to observe and react quickly to any symptoms of stress the transport process may cause. Employees are assisted to complete relevant industry courses such as Animal Attendant Course.

Total Pet Care

During the relocation process pet comfort and safety is a priority. Skypet picks up the pet from its home, transports it in a fully air-conditioned vehicle (where the cabin and cargo area are both air-conditioned) to either the boarding kennel, or the airport. If the pet is stressed special remedies including familiarization techniques are applied.

Crate sizes are tailored to individual pet needs and comply with all domestic and international airline standards. Pre-flight and post-flight pet dietary advice is given to clients to minimize pet discomfort.

Waiting times at the airport are kept to a minimum.

Client Liaison

Clients are kept informed throughout the relocation process. At each of the transport milestones the client is advised of progress either by phone, fax, or email. Clients are given a dedicated phone number to call at any stage during the process and advised that they are welcome to call if they have any concerns. When relocation is completed, clients are contacted once more to check that the pet has settled post travel and to offer any advice to assist in the process of settling the pet into the new location.

Other Services

Skypet offers 5 star boarding facilities at Adelar Animal Centre. Kennels are large, full brick with attached grassed play yards. Diets are tailored to individual pet needs. Special medication or dietary needs can be catered for.

Skypet’s kennels and cattery are ideal for long term boarding needs. The pets have room to move and play and receive lots of attention from the staff.

Washing and additional special playtime and exercise are available by request.

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